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Android Nougat is here, and it’s an article of magnificence. It may not have the similar intense visual renovation we were initially treated to a two versions ago of Android Lollipop.

However, Nougat offers a lot of significant refinements and improvements over Marshmallow, together with quite a few good new usability variations.

Android Nougat is rolling out currently, beginning with Nexus devices and ultimately moving on to other smartphones. The new OS is overloaded with new refinements and features, everyone refining upon the general Android experience. The phenomenal features of Android Nougat are:

The OS that speaks your languages

Convey your words to life with updated and completely new emoji, and the capability to use more than two languages at the same time.

  • Multi-Locale language settings
  • Over 1500 emoji including 72 new ones


Be in two places at once:

Now the users can switch between apps with a double tap, and run two apps alongside. So now they can watch a movie while texting, or read a recipe with their timer open.

Enjoy favorite applications in virtual reality:

Using Virtual Reality mode, Android Nougat is all set to transport you to new spheres.

Stay at the instant:

Android Nougat styles it easier to take act at the instant, with more varied settings along with smarter notifications.

  • Custom Quick Settings:

Reorganize the quick setting tiles, so you can acquire to what you need faster.

  • Notification Direct Reply:

Mini chats within the notifications allow you answer on the fly. You can do this without opening any application.

  • Bundled Notifications:

Check what’s new at a glimpse with bundled notifications from applications. Just tap to expand and view further info devoid of having to open the app.

More means to make Android yours:

Android Nougat gives more means for the users to personalize their Android device. Select how your data is used, the way you are alerted, and what your display looks like.

  • Data Saver:

Bounds how much data your Android device uses using data saver. When this option is turned on then, apps in the background won’t be able to use cell data.

  • Notification Controls:

When a notification appears on screen, simply press and hold to toggle the settings. For example, you can silence upcoming alerts from an app in the notification settings.

  • Display Size:

Not only you can adjust the text size on your device, but also the icon size and the experience itself?


Security is at the heart of everything we do:

Safety aa well as privacy is significant. As every time, Android is built with controlling layers of encryption and security to keep the data private. Through Android Nougat, some new features are added.

  • Smooth Updates:

On select new devices, the updates will download in the background, and the users won’t have to wait even though the device syncs with the most recent security tools. 

  • Direct Boot:

Starting the device is faster, and apps run firmly even before entering the password.

  • File-based Encryption:

Through encrypting at the file level, Android can protect well and isolate data for specific users on the device.