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Even if you don’t know it, you have been using Adobe Flash Player for as long as you have been surfing on the internet. The software is a core element for web browsers, allowing them to view interactive web content. Adobe Flash Player is essential especially for users that like playing online games, or view business presentations and even to watch videos and many more.

Adobe Flash Player is such a popular plug-in that most browser come with it already installed in their software. The plug-in has a very small size, occupying a very small amount of the user’s memory, and thus making it viable with every browser out there.

Each new release of Adobe Flash Players brings with it new updates and features so that the plug-in always stays on top of its game regarding multimedia content the user consumes whilst on the internet. The plug-in is also compatible with every platform that exists right now.

The plug-in comes with webcam support for StageVideo, accelerated graphics rendering, extensive privacy control and many more features. Adobe Flash Players is also compatible with all the common data formats such as AMF, AWF, XML, JSON and also media formats like RTMP, PNG, GIF, FLV, MP3, JPG.

The number of users that Adobe Flash Player has is huge. There are millions of people that use Flash Player ActiveX Control at this moment just for their web browser, not counting the offline users.

The best part regarding Adobe Flash Player is that people can enjoy their media intake without even knowing that they are using it.

Users can also enjoy the use of Adobe Flash Player offline, to help them play Flash videos offline. This can be done by downloading a different application from the one that browser come installed already with. The application needed is PlayFLV, and it helps the user play Flash videos in Windows Media Player or in another Flash player, such as FLV Player or Moyea FLV Player.