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While we may think that updates are the bane of smartphone or tablet use, we should also be consciously aware of their importance. This is particularly true for apps like Google Play Store which is the major source of downloads for Android devices. That said, here are rational reasons you should get the latest version:

  1. It keeps your device safe

Online security is in a sad state these days. Each year almost always involves headlines about a major security threat. Just this year, Yahoo unveiled that they were victims of a security breach that led to stolen usernames and passwords. We must do our part to make sure our safety and security while online is not compromised, even if it’s as simple as updating an app to the latest version.

  1. It gives you access to new features

App developers are constantly tweaking their products to enhance the experience of their users. Google is no exception – they listen and they act. Be it a redesign of the interface or the addition of a new capability, these kinds of updates will keep on coming to make sure everyone gets the best out the Play Store. And when they do roll out, it’s best to update your version so you can enjoy the latest features.

  1. It serves as a communication tool between developers and users

Release notes don’t exactly make good reading material but checking them out allows you to see what changes have been made. If you see an update in there that has been constantly requested, then you can be assured that app developers actually care about their user base. If it’s not, don’t fret as developers might have not found a solution yet.

Google Play Store is an integral component of every phone running on Android. It’s the central hub for content that is new, be it apps, books and music – and you can do lot’s with it as well. This is why you should always bump up the version whenever your phone tells you to.

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