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Before Pokémon Go, the original Pokémon game had among the rarest creatures which were very difficult to find. Among them were Moltres, Zapdos, Articuno, Ditto, Mew, and Mewtwo. The same group of Pokémon creatures has been brought into the new versions of the game dubbed Pokémon Go.

However, users are reporting difficulty locating these rare creatures given that no one, as of this writing, has been cited by them. Some players have even concluded that the new Pokémon does not have the rare creatures.

8. Being a Pokémon Master

For one to be a Pokémon Master, you need to have as many rare creatures in this game as possible. However, for some people, having just one is enough to become a master. Although Mewtwo has not been found since the launch of the virtual reality version of the game, here are a few signs that you may be the one landing it and what to do.


7. Where to find the rare ones

All 151 creatures on Pokémon Go’s Pokedex can be found as one link details on its page. However, clearly absent from the list are the common culprits namely Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Mew and its clone Mewtwo. As one of the main rare creatures in Pokémon Go, Mewtwo has always remained a mysterious creature even in the new game.


6. Hopes on the Horizon

While finding the five rare creatures is always a daunting task, there have been no reports of anyone having fairly obtained any of the five creatures during normal gameplay. Harder still is the fact that no one has spotted them let alone capturing them. Could there be a way to do so? The Pokémon Go developer, Niantic, has confirmed that the legendary creatures (one of which is Mewtwo) are on the way.


5. Evidence of Existence 

A programmer who published their research on YouTube confirmed that, indeed, the five legendary Pokémon are indeed included in the files of the game. Actually, looking at the files of the game reveals that there are there to be played. However, the files do not give any clues as to how to get each Pokémon. The results have excited and dampened the moods of the players as they expected ways of getting the rare Pokémon.


4. Clues on Where to Get Mewtwo

In the very first trailers of the Pokémon Go game, Mewtwo was seen being attacked by a lot of people in Times Square who attacked it before wearing it down and capturing it. This could be a strong clue to how to capture Mewtwo. The best clue could be that a single person can not capture it but a team of players and through a public event.


3. Other Clues

Other clues point to what would be needed to capture Mewtwo. For example, the current Pokémon with the highest base attack is Dragonite which has a base of 250. However, Mewtwo has a base attack of 284 which makes it among the best Pokémons in the game. The  fact also that Mewtwo has no capture rate as of now makes it one of the best Pokémons to capture for any player.


2. Tips on Capturing Mewtwo

To capture this rare creature may require taking in certain measures the first of which is that it has to be a public event. The second aspect is that the players must reduce their HP when in a public as this has been known to work better for all of Niantic’s games, especially in public places. The success rate of capturing Mewtwo heavily leans on these two factors.


1. Legendaries on the Way

Among the legendaries to have been captured was an Articuno in a Gym in Ohio. However, the truth about how it was captured remains a mystery. While the player says that Niantic gave her the Pokémon as an apology for an issue in her game, it is highly unlikely since such a case has never happened before. The only true way can be a glitch which may change the Pokémon captured into one of the legendary ones. This glitch has been observed in other incidences and other games by Niantic. For this reason, no one really believes the sighting was a genuine one given that Niantic has given no official report on the issue.


Pokémon Go is the most played game at the moment. And, while players have collected many rare Pokémon, the five have been elusive until this moment. The players with experience in this game have concluded that only public events run by Niantic will give them a chance to have the legendary Pokémon in their Pokedex. This clue is purely based on past information about the games Niantic has released and the trailers of Pokémon Go. One would only wish that they be the first one to find Mewtwo.