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WhatsApp can be considered as one of the most popular instant messaging platforms in today’s world. However, people who had Windows phones could not get the best use of WhatsApp because they didn’t have a stable version of it.

However, the most recent WhatsApp Windows Phone update delivered some impressive features to them. In fact, the most recent version came out as a stable update and most of the Windows Phone users were able to get rid of the issues that they had.


When WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook, it was taken out of the Windows Mobile store. This created a lot of chaos and a considerable percentage of Windows mobile users switched to Android and iOS as a result of it. As per Facebook, the main reason why they removed WhatsApp out of the Windows Mobile Store is technical issues. They found it as a hard task to fix all the existing bugs. The most convenient option available for them at that moment was to simply take it off from the Windows Store.

It didn’t take a long time period for WhatsApp to get back to the Windows mobile store. To be precise, the engineers at WhatsApp were able to fix all the existing bugs within a matter of 12 days and release an updated version for the Windows mobile users out there in the world. If you are using a Windows mobile now, you can take a look at it and download. Since almost all the known issues are fixed in this version, the users don’t need to worry about anything before they download.

Quality has always been the priority of WhatsApp as well as Microsoft. It can be considered as the main reason why WhatsApp got late to be released into the Windows phone store. However, the initial release was not a successful one and they had to redesign the app in order to keep the users away from hassle. Since almost all the technical issues have now been fixed, there’s nothing much to worry about.


The latest WhatsApp Windows phone update came along with some impressive features as well. These features may not be new to WhatsApp and the people who are already using it on Android and iOS platforms. However, the Windows mobile version of WhatsApp was lacking these features and it came out at the perfect time.

Chat backgrounds can be considered as one of the most prominent updates that came out for WhatsApp Windows phone update.

In addition, the users will not be able to experience enhanced privacy settings and the ability to control auto download of media files. There are custom notifications as well. WhatsApp is planning to release a lot more updates for Windows Mobiles in the future as well. They are not planning to forget people who use the service with Windows mobiles. Therefore, Windows mobile users don’t need to worry about anything.