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It was around May of this year when rumors about the video call feature in WhatsApp surfaced. Beta testers that time reported that the update feature included a call button that gives a prompt to choose between a video and audio call.

Before, there were only a few options to make free audio calls and send messages as well. But with this update on WhatsApp, video calling feature was added and it’s free. The combination of messaging and video calling capabilities gives WhatsApp leverage over other messenger and video calling apps.

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Google Duo, for instance, is a single-purpose app that allows video calls. While this is a good feature in itself, the user needs to have another mobile app to be able to share videos, send messages and save images. With this WhatsApp update, you get to be treated to all these features.

WhatsApp Video Calling

For you to enjoy all these cool features of WhatsApp, it is important to have the latest version of the app. It is also important to note is to install an APK beta version since this update is not yet available via the Google Play Store.

Also, do not forget to recommend to your friends who use the app to update their versions so they will be able to receive video calls.

How to make a video call

Within the chat page, choose the call button and you will find two options: video call and voice call. Select Video Call and the camera of your phone will activate right away if the person you are calling also has the updated version.

WhatsApp Video Calls

If the person you are calling does not have an update WhatsApp version, an error message will appear.

Meanwhile, there are also other features that came with updates for WhatsApp. One is the addition of new emojis as well as bug fixes. Read more about these features here.