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With the acquisition of WhatsApp messenger by Facebook in 2014 for $19 billion dollars and the more than one billion users worldwide since February of this year, this messaging app has indeed gone a long way. In just a few years after its initial release, WhatsApp became one of the most popular app of its kind.

With another popular social network being its mother company, there is no doubt there will be more improvements in the days to come. In fact, there are several recent WhatsApp updates released, with the users in mind.


One of which is the version 2.16.281 update on a beta application for Android. This was released not only for bug fixes but also for compatibility to public groups. With this upgrade, group chat administrators can add users to the group via a button that can be found on the contact list. This is the “Invite to group via link” option.

With this feature, a unique URL can now be shared with family, friends and the public that can be sent as a message from a third-party application. This can be written to an NFC tag or be encoded in a QR code while another feature that came with the update is one that allows users to share media files to other chat conversations with a quick forward button.

Meanwhile, other WhatsApp update features include the quote feature that makes it possible for users to reply using quoted text to others as well as the voicemail feature. With the latter, it is now easier to let the recipient know what the sender wants to convey without having to resend a message again or make another call.


An update for both Android and iPhone users, on the other hand, is one of the latest features. This is the FixedSys font feature that allows users to use the new font easily. This is done with the use of a back quote symbol that is typed three times before and after the text message.

For iPhone users, learn more about the WhatsApp update here.