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The Moto G4 and G4 Plus are basically twins. But in the way that twins are similar to each other, there are also differences – sometimes even big differences. Essentially, the G4 Plus – as its name suggests – is just like the G4 only with additional features.

But which one will be the best budget smartphone in the Motorola range?


While 2015’s Moto G was a bit on the chubby side, these fourth-generation Motorola siblings are going in the way of newer smartphones and featuring a slimmer look. The phones don’t follow the trend of their older sibling either as both feature a plastic finish rather than a textured one. Both the G4 and G4 Plus have a rounded-edge design which makes it easier to grip compared to previous versions.

Moto G4 Play vs. Lenovo Moto G4

Also, you’ll find no buttons on the left spine: both the volume and power buttons are on the right. The headphone jack is located on top, right in the middle, while the microUSB charging port is found at the bottom.


Lenovo, which owns the Motorola brand, also seems to be favoring the “bigger is better” trend when it comes to smartphone screens. Both its fourth-generation mobile devices come with 5.5-inch displays with 1080p resolution.

Processor, Graphics Card & RAM

Internally, there’s little that separates the G4 from the G4 Plus. For one, both are equipped with the Snapdragon 617 chipset making the devices perform smoothly and capable of multi-tasking. The difference, however, comes in the variants: the G4 only offers a 2GB RAM variant for the 16 and 32GB storage model while the G4 Plus comes in 2GB, 16GB storage; 3GB, 32GB storage and 4 GB, 64GB storage variants.


As mentioned earlier, there are three storage variants for the G4 Plus and two for the G4. However, the RAM capacity for the G4 Plus increases by one every storage increment. The Moto G4 only has a 2GB RAM offering regardless if the storage capacity is 16 or 32GB.



For all the similarities between the G4 and G4 Plus, the camera – specifically the rear – is perhaps where the big differences lie. The primary camera on the G4 is a 13MP shooter while the G4 Plus has a 16MP shooter with phase detection and laser autofocus which are two technologies for better focusing be it day or night.

That’s where the differences end as the front-facing camera for both devices are both 5MP shooters.


The internal components of the G4 and G4 Plus don’t differ that much, even when it comes to the battery. Both phones are equipped with a 3,000mAh cell and both are non-removable. Even better, the phones are equipped with fast-charging technology so you could still get sufficient juice even though the device wasn’t fully charged.

The Moto G4 and G4 Plus are technically the same – they were even shipped with Marshmallow and are set for a Nougat update – but if you constantly use your phone as a substitute for a camera and are willing to shell out extra, the Moto G4 Plus is a good fit.