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In messenger apps and chat groups, the status feature is a common thing. This indicates the present activity of the user whether he or she is online, busy or idle, depending on the app and choice of the user.

With WhatsApp messenger, this is also available. This feature indicates what you, the user, are doing, in real time and informs your contacts about it if they try to chat with you or call you.


If the online status for Whatsapp messenger is on, this means that the user or your contact is online and is connected to the internet.

But there is something special with WhatsApp status. It can be a personalized one that you can write yourself. However, there are also thousands of downloadable WhatsApp status examples available online.

To set your status, there are just three easy steps. First, open your WhatsApp messenger, choose more, settings then profile. Second, tsp on the edit icon that looks like a pencil while on the status screen. Third, tap the text box so you can write your status or paste any of the downloadable WhatsApp status list.

There can be love status quotes, that is, this list will be focused about love and feelings, attitude status, sad status and greetings status that can be any special occasion or event.

Here are some Whatsup status quotes to use:

  1. Life is too short. Don’t waste your time reading my status.
  2. Those who know love has also the risk of knowing pain.
  3. Work until you don’t have to introduce yourself
  4. Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.
  5. If you can dream it, you can do it.

WhatsApp iOS Update

WhatsApp status range from funny to motivational quotes and the list continues to grow every day. With this interesting feature, you can now make a statement to your friends and let them know how you feel or what you are up to at the moment.

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