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The main competitor Clash of Clans has is Pokemon Go and they have just released a new Halloween themed update for their game, everyone is expecting to see what is Supercell’s response.

November Updates

The latest update received by Clash of Clans players was in October. Some time has passed since then and players are expecting a new update to roll out, especially now since Pokemon Go has released a Halloween themed update for their game.

Even though the latest update that Clash of Clans received included some Halloween themed features, the patch released by Pokemon Go raised the bar regarding Halloween themed updates, and at the same time they have propelled themselves on the first place in top grossing games.

Double Features Update

Players of the game are sending feedback to Supercell, regarding what updates they think the game should receive. What players really expect this upcoming update to bring to them is an upgrade to their single player maps, which have gotten pretty old, and if a new one is going to be implemented Clash of Clans players are going to be happy.

Another update expected from Supercell is to add some new daily quests, and to balance the difficulty level, so more townhall levels can complete them. Supercell needs to pay attention to what feedback they are receiving and adjust the difficulty level so lower ranked players can also enjoy the game.

The top players from the Clash of Clans community are speculating that the new big updates will be rolled out around February or March of 2017, but Supercell have yet to confirm any news regarding the release date of the new upcoming Clash of Clans update, and until then all we can do is speculate about what features they should implement in the game, and hope they will come.