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Google Maps is a great application, and the kind of service it provides is top notch, by anyone’s standards. However, it’s not the only map application available, so for those out there that are curious to see what the alternatives to Google Maps are, this article will provide a few candidates for a potential Google Maps replacement.

With, users will be more inclined to read directions offline, as the service provides users with the possibility of downloading large portions of maps or zones directly to their devices, making it highly conveyable for those that do not always have a stable internet connection at their disposal. makes sure you get turn-by-turn directions on how to get to your destination, as well as a wide coverage of POIs( points of interest), making the app a great solution for both getting through unknown places, as well as enjoying what they have to offer. On top of that, the app is also free.

Here WeGo

Here WeGo is a turn-by-turn based direction service which offers valuable information pertaining to an array of traveling related variables. With this app, users can check on the current traffic situation, as well as check routes for different means of transportation such as cars, public transit or even bicycles.

The different methods come with their own overlays that provide useful information,  and the map is full of POIs gathered from a wide range of websites like Expedia, GetYourGuide, Car2Go or even Wikipedia). It can also download and store offline maps for when you aren’t connected to the internet. The app was originally intended for Windows Phone, made by Microsoft.


Just like Google Maps, Waze is under Google’s tutelage, but unlike Maps, Wazer focuses solely on the driving aspect. Waze provides a lot useful information, a lot of it being based on the reports coming in from the app’s large community.

You can use Waze to get details about parking spaces in your area, as well as gas prices, police traps and radars, and other driving related tips.