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The time has come once again for Android users to rejoice at the new software upgrade bestowed upon them by Google. Each time a new firmware appears, Google sets up a priority list of which devices get the update first, some getting it earlier and some getting it later.

Whether you are part of the Android users that eagerly await to see what goodies Google has prepared, or the users that are a bit afraid to upgrade their firmware because they don’t know what to expect, you can read this article to find out what kind of features come with Android 7.0 Nougat.

Multi screen

Multi screen is a feature that mobile tech enthusiasts will easily recognize as being part of the Apple feature roster already. The multi screen function allows users to split their screen and use multiple applications at the same time, and now it is coming to Android devices, courtesy of Android Nougat.


Jumping to Android Nougat also means the phone’s performance meter will jump considerably, given the firmware’s new implementations such enhanced management for memory and background applications, not mention the improvements made after Google kept building on Marshmallow’s Doze mode, now turning off all background processes when users do not hold their phones, while keeping the phone alert.

Device protection

The new Android 7.0 Nougat will implement the possibility for users to select apps or key phone functions like the Phone app and make them accessible instantly without having to enter a pattern, PIN or password, in case the users has set one.

Better Notification System

The Marshmallow notifications were not everyone’s cup of tea, so Google ditched the cards and instead made sure that users will get more information from their notifications while not sacrificing large amounts of space. They will also have Quick Reply and Quick Actions available next to notifications that are grouped.