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Adobe Flash Player has received two major security updates this month because the plug-in had some vulnerabilities in its system that could have potentially given hackers the option to take over control of the users browser on platforms like Window, Linux, Mac and Chrome OS.

The security updates are classified as very important by Flash and users should know that the updates are going to be available straight away, and that they should update their Flash Player version as soon as possible, by using the built-in update mechanism or by accessing Adobe official site.

Google Chrome will install Adobe Flash updates as soon as they are available, Mac users that have selected the option to allow Adobe to install update automatically will get the update as soon as it gets out without any effort put in by the user.

The vulnerabilities in their system have been discovered by Google’s Threat Analysis Group, and that these could lead to hackers changing its code. Reports show that Adobe has known about this problem and that these attacks only happened to a limited number of users that were running Windows 7 or later, and that the threat was also serious for Mac users.

The affected version of Adobe Flash for Mac is the Chrome version. Worth mentioning is that Safari on macOS Sierra will automatically disable Flash, and the plug-in will be activated only if the user requests it. Popular browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox have web plug-in safeguards to help against security risk, but Adobe has been releasing security updates by the dozens.

In a report wrote by Apple’s ex CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs, he stated that Adobe Flash was made for PC’s and not for Macs, and that Flash is the number one reason Mac crashes and that’s why he proffered HTML5 over Flash.