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It seems that Google has decided to reveal some details about some critical security issues that Windows 10. It seems that the big search engine company has notified Microsoft 10 days before doing the reveal, and it decided to finally reveal it to the public because the vulnerability is already being exploited by hackers.

Google’s Threat Analysis group has a policy that the software companies have 7 days to release a patch for security issues that are found in their products, before the group releases a public statement about it.

According to Google, the security issue was found in the Win32k system which allows hackers to bypass the security sandbox of the Windows 10 and gain administrator rights on the vulnerable computers. The big search engine company has added that “no advisory or fix has yet been released” and this made them reveal this information to the public.

Google didn’t reveal how this exploit works, but hackers will most likely start looking for ways to replicate a successful attack, now that they know that the bug exists and there is no fix for it (yet). Another successful exploit is related to an Adobe Flash Player vulnerability, but it seems that Google has already patched it up, which means that the Chrome users should not have any problem with it as long as they have the latest version of the browser installed.

Microsoft claims that it is Google’s fault that the Windows 10 users are now vulnerable to attacks

It seems that Microsoft is really pissed off because Google has revealed the bug and it claims that, now, the Windows 10 users are exposed to attacks because of the big search engine company.

It is good to know that an Adobe Flash Player patch for the Microsoft Edge browser has also been released, which means that this browser is not at the risk of being exploited. However, this is not the case of other browsers, which makes users still vulnerable to attacks.

Microsoft’s next “Patch Tuesday” will be released on November 8, 2016 and it seems that the company will not bring an update that will fix this issue in the meantime.