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The HTC smartphone line is bound to get a smooth upgrade to Android’s newest firmware – 7.0 Nougat.  In December 2015, the HTC phones – HTC One A9 and the Developer Edition HTC One M9 – were able to easily upgrade to the previous Marshmallow 6.0 Android. At the release of the HTC 10 in April 2016, it was installed with the Marshmallow update already.

Should HTC manage to do this again, the first Android 7.0 updates for their phone should occur within a couple of months of Nougat’s release. HTC’s next flagship phone release should also have Nougat installed already.

Of course, HTC owners may wonder if they own an older device if they’ll get the Nougat update. It’s important to know the basics of your phone to find out if your HTC device will be capable of receiving the latest Android firmware.

Before you install Nougat, be sure to find out if the HTC Sense and Android versions are compatible. Here’s what you need to do to make sure:

  • Go into “Settings”
  • Hit the “About Device” option
  • Hit “Software Information” to look at the status of the phone

With the automatic download option enabled, you can let the software automatically install onto the device. You don’t have to constantly check your phone to see if you can attain the Android Nougat. Just do the following:

  • Visit “Settings” and hit “About”
  • Hit the “Software Updates” option
  • Choose “Update using Wi-Fi only”; this ensures you don’t waste your phone data.
  • Choose if you want to enable auto-download system or the app updates. You can also enable both.

By doing this, the app updates will be automatically done. Of course, you can still verify if the updates were done by going to into your phone’s Settings.