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Even though Facebook managed to get rid of competition when it acquired WhatsApp back in 2014 for a stunning $19 billion, the question remains, of which messaging service is better, WhatsApp or Messenger.  Right from the start, Messenger falls short of WhatsApp with 900 million active users, while WhatsApp has reached the 1 billion mark. Both apps come with their own set of options and features that make them favorable to some category of users or another.

There are multiple similarities between the two messaging services, which is not surprising since they are under the same management. If you are using one app and switch to the other, chances are you will find it familiar.

One of the newest options implemented in both apps is the ability to encrypt messages with a type of encryption called end-to-end. The feature comes as default integration in WhatsApp while Facebook Messengers users are given the option as a feature called Secret Conversation. The way this feature works, is that it creates an encryption at both ends of the conversation, and after a set period of time, the respective message will automatically be deleted.

WhatsApp seems to take the edge when it comes to actually communication over the internet in the sense that it is more reliable and intuitive with utilizing the types of connections it has available so that it offers you a smooth experience.

Messenger on the other hand will relentlessly attempt to send your message even when the connection is far from favorable, meaning that sometimes it might get challenging to bear with it. Both services offer VoIP, which means that you can make calls over the internet. WhatsApp seems to win again, being more reliable in less advanced zones such as rural zones and smaller towns.

When it comes to sharing media, only 10 messages can be sent in a message on WhatsApp, meaning that Messenger is favored in this manner, not having this restriction.

In conclusion, both services offer good features that enhance your communication, and since they are both free, there’s no one stopping you from installing both and choosing your preferred one.

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