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Sadly, there still hasn’t been any news about any updates for Pokémon Z since our last article on this installment last month.

It seems the game developers are still preoccupied creating additions to other versions and worlds of the game and anime series. Some of these upgrades and additions are expected to roll out in the last quarter of this year.


And with just a little more than two months left before 2016 ends, the earliest time a Pokémon Z update can most likely happen will already be in 2017.

However, Pokémon fans have a lot more to look forward to in the weeks to come. Pokémon Go is set to launch a Halloween event this October 26, which will run until November 01. Players will get to encounter spooky Pokémon and collect even more Eggs during the trick-or-treat activities.

Aside from that, Pokémon Go Gen 2 is expected for release pretty soon. It will bring 100 new characters into the game, with some pretty awesome evolutions for some creatures in the first installment.

For younger fans, they have the Pokémon Z-Ring to be excited about. This accessory is actually a bracelet made of plastic that comes with a connected crystal.


The package comes with the Grassium Z, Firium Z, and Waterium Z crystals, as well as a small Pikachu toy. You can also get other types of crystals sold in packs of three.

What makes the Z-ring a must-have for kids who play Pokémon Sun and Moon is that it lights up when you use Z-moves in the game. This cool toy will surely be on plenty of wish lists this Christmas season, and probably not just for those who want to get it as a toy, but as well as for those who enjoy getting Pokémon collectible items.