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Apple’s new iOS 10 has brought many new features to their devices, features that brought changes in Notes, Mail, Phone Book, Camera, Music and Maps, Siri also received an update, even the option to translate text to emoji was added. Most of their new implemented features have been showcased by Apple, but not all of them received that kind of treatment. We will present you the top five iOS 10 features that are not very popular, but  can be really useful.

Storage Management

Storage space will always be a problem, even if the device has 1TB of internal memory. People love to save pictures, songs, videos, data, etc on their devices and this new feature will help them analyze what files use their internal storage and decide if they want to delete it or not. The Storage Management option can be found in the “Storage & iCloud Usage” section, from there the user can select if they want to delete any Apps or files that use extra space.


The new Bedtime feature will remind the user when to go to sleep, will wake him up using soft sounds, not the typical loud ones. The user can select at what hour he wishes to go to sleep and wake up, and the feature will take care of the rest.

Custom Vibrations

Most smartphone owners keep their devices in their pockets or purses, the ring tone becomes harder to hear, and vibrations remain the only viable way of noticing when notifications pop-up. The new feature, “Custom Vibrations” allows the user to change their vibration pattern or create their own vibration pattern, so they can differentiate between emails, texts, tweets, and so on.

Text Snippets

This option has been implemented into Apple’s iOS for some time, but most of Apple users don’t know about it. Text Snippets are basically shortening of sentences by using a string of text, for example “wfd” is going to become “whats for dinner”, making the process of texting a lot more easier. Users can add different snippets by accessing Settings-General-Keyboard, and then enter the text replacement dictionary.

Clearing notifications

This feature is available only for the iPhone 6s, the new iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus, because these are the only iPhones with the 3D Touch feature, that allows the smartphone the levels of pressure, and this allows the user to clear all his notifications in just one sweep, by pressing hard on the X in the top right corner of the notification tray.

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