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Mafia III is one of the hottest games of the moment, with players immersing themselves in the world of crime and violence of early 60’s New Orleans. The game, as it was designed, wants players to grind both reputation and money during their stay in the Mafia III universe, growing from a newcomer to a mob veteran in his own right.

However, thanks to a software called Cheat Engine, players are able to install and use a series of cheats that will help them bypass a lot of the work required to advance, if they so desire. After they download Cheat Engine, players are required to download Cheat Tables, which, once accessed, will use Cheat Engine to open a list of all available cheats for Mafia 3, which they can enable or disable to their liking.

For ease of access and window management, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to set the game on Windowed, so that you can easily switch between Mafia III and the cheats window. There are multiple types of cheats which players can use, such as, but not limited to:

  • Infinite Adrenaline mode;
  • Infinite Health mode;
  • Insta-Kill mode;
  • Infinite Clip mode;
  • Infinit Money mode.

Unfortunately, there is currently no support for hotkeys, meaning that players are required to constantly go back and forth between the game and cheats page to change cheat settings. After selecting which cheats you would wish to have active, just switch bag to the game page and the desired cheats should be working instantly

This is of course, an optional addon, and is in no way required to play or finish the game but rather a means for the more casual player to get the job done or mess around.