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The latest iOS build has been sent out to developers for testing, and although it does not feature huge new features or implementation, it does bring some new additions to already existing ones. Let’s take a look at what Apple has tweaked in the 10.2 version of iOS.


For the texting enthusiasts out there, Apple has prepared and emoji treat. Using Unicode 9, the new set of emoji are over 100 in number are vary in terms of theme. Whether you want to let everyone know how much you like croissants, or that you’re drooling after your friend used the new emoji to talk about croissants, or just feel like throwing a shark and some owls in there for no particular reason, there’s something on the emoji box of goodies for everyone.

Screen effects and wallpapers

With iOS 10.2, you can set new wallpapers which were included alongside a new screen effect which can be used for messages. It’s called Celebrate and you might imagine what the nature of this screen effect is. The graphics used in the new wallpapers can be distinguished in the iPhone 7 marketing ads.

Camera tweaks

No doubt it’s frustrating when your camera settings go away when you need them the most, so Apple has added a new option that lets you keep your last filters, modes and other settings.

Other features include the addition of a video widget which lets you open up a video directly from your home screen, playlist filtering options for Apple Music, and a new emergency feature which notifies your emergency contacts when used.

For the time being, iOS 10.2 is not obtainable just yet, as Apple first sends new beta builds to developers that are registered. After the first wave of testing, the firmware will become available for public testers.

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