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Google is revising their Play Store security in order to keep malicious apps from their store. Even massive app stores such as Google Play and iTunes can let their guards down, and some unwanted apps can enter their app store.

In the world of internet security, there is always a race between the developers. When software developers release new software meant to protect users, other enterprising developers are always looking for ways to slip through the cracks and avoid the rules.

The most common thing that fraudulent app developers do, is that they try to improve their app rating and write false reviews, also worth mentioning is that until now, these methods of inflating reviews were not considered illegal by Google.

These kinds of apps that bring false reviews and statistics will be detected by Google’s new security system. The system will detect automatically when an app has false statistics and then block it, and if the developers of the said app are going to try to inflate their numbers again, the system will automatically ban their app from the store forever.

A few tips to help Android users avoid malicious apps:

  1. Keep the ability to verify apps turned on (on Google Store);
  2. When choosing an app, do not rely only upon the written reviews, do some more digging before downloading it;
  3. Try to always install from verified app stores.

This new system is focused towards the safety of Android OS users, meaning that they should only find safe apps on the Google Play Store, and not malicious apps, with inflated numbers and reviews.

Some apps will still make their way through the system, Android users should always keep their guard up, and inform themselves if they are going to download an app.