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October has just ended, but it’s not too early to talk about the upcoming December update and the new features that it will bring. There are many theories circulating the internet, and the latest leaks come from a CoC fan named spAnser, who claims that Supercell will introduce a Goblins vs Wizards gameplay feature in the midst of the Halloween season.

Gamers also expect new levels to walls and air defenses at Townhall 11 to be available in the December update.

Clash Of Clans December update will bring a new gameplay that will allow players to fix shipwrecks and they will earn coins or gems. All Clash has reported that players will start repairing shipwrecks at Town Hall 4 and in exchange they will get 50,000 gold. Also, since the upgrade will focus on the seaside area, players are hoping to see some sea monsters.

According to spAnser, the upcoming update will include a better aerial defense, a new look for Wall Breakers, Golems, and Hog Riders, as well as a decoration statue of a Barbarian King. However, Supercell hasn’t made any official statement on these rumors, so we’ll see in one month if what fansite All Clash and game dataminer spAnser have said will turn out to be true.

The latest Clash Of Clans update has brought a new feature called “Friendly Wars”, which saved players from sacrificing resources when waging clan wars, so they were able to test out all kinds of strategies and see if players from other clan are good or weak.

Also, Halloween lovers received a theme which included a night mode, army training fixes and many more. There were some problems related to cheating and Supercell made it possible to train Wall Breakers much faster. In addition, players spend only 1 gem to boost Spell brewing.

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