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A lot of people might be getting confused with tons of entertainment products available in the market these days. Brand new devices have come into the scene to provide TV-based streaming features. All the big players in this category, which include Apple, Amazon, Google, and Roku, are all catching up to provide support for streaming.

Although several game consoles such as Xbox and PlayStation are already popular for streaming, other new players like Roku are also gaining an advantage in this category. But there is always a reason for having them as not all of them area made equal.

Here are some important notes that you might want to take.

Google Chromecast

If you want a device that is not over $50, then you have to check out the Google Chromecast. This is great if you are fond of watching streaming on your tablet, phone or computer. Chromecast will provide a way to stream it on your TV. However, you will not have a separate remote because you will only need your tablet, phone or computer to use it.



This device has the ability to plug into wired Ethernet connections. If you have been experiencing dropouts in connectivity over Wi-Fi, the Roku will give the best value. Unless you need to have the 4K resolution features, you can settle for this device as it has added voice search with a headphone jack to go with the remote controller.

Apple TV

Many people have invested deeply on iTunes that they have all their purchases in there. With Apple TV, you can play it on the big screen without having to worry about additional charges. In its new upgrade, Apple TV already has new games and apps that goes with the great remote with excellent voice search and recognition.

apple-tv (2)

Amazon Fire Stick

Although the Roku might be a better choice all-around, the Fire Stick from Amazon will surely be a good option if you are really into TV shows and movies from Amazon. Aside from saving a few bucks, you might find the voice-control remote a great addition to your Fire Stick.

Roku and Amazon Fire TV sticks have native Amazon apps able to access videos on the website. The only downside is that it doesn’t support 4K resolution. Roku TV provides a good solution to streaming in this category. If you are having problems of having another streaming device to get more updates, app selection, search and ease of use, then stay with Roku.


Adding streaming devices on your system might cause some complexity as well as new remote to use. Investing in a universal remote can be worthwhile if you want to have convenience in this area.

Take note that Amazon is a popular streaming source for videos, just like YouTube and Netflix.

However, the access will vary on several devices, including Apple TV, Android TV boxes, and Chromecast, as they don’t have native apps for Amazon. You might be able to do so, but not as easy as you would click on the app icon.