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In an effort to better its service, WhatsApp, a popular mobile messaging app, releases an update every so often. However, the recent onslaught of updates is fake, with some Android users claiming the “fake” updates have installed malware that has stolen information.

It’s for that reason people have concerns about the safety of updating the app. Is WhatsApp safe to use? Should you stay with the older versions, forgoing any of the updates?

To address the first question, if you have version 2.16.259, it is safe to use. However, if you check the reviews on the Play Store, a copious amount of users would rather have the older version. Of course, there’s always the possibility of downloading a malware even from the Android or App Store, but most especially if you install apps away from them.

The folks who are at a higher risk for malware are people who download apps from third-party markets. This malware tends to come in pop-up advertisement form, enticing users to click the link to get the latest WhatsApp version or they may lose access to the app.

Unfortunately, people have been tricked into downloading the malware, thinking it’s legit.

You should always be vigilant when you’re on the Internet – be mindful of the potential threats that are associated with it. If you want WhatsApp, you need to get their updates only from reliable sources and employ a security solution that will protect your devices will you download and install files, and communicate via the Internet.

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