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Version 7.0 of the Android operating system, named Android Nougat, comes with lots of features users will find handy and welcome. There are improvements in many areas of the operating system which focus on making the user experience better, smoother, faster and secure than previous iterations of Android.

Here, we focus on 10 of the best features this operating system comes with.


It is now easier and faster to find specific accessibility settings on your Android device. It is also easier to vary the size of the text when using this operating system. For those with hearing problems, the new accessibility mono output combines stereo sound into a single mono stream in one ear. Those in need of the text to speech feature are also in luck as the operating system now combines various features to translate text to speech at varying speeds.



The new version of Android comes with a JIT compiler which improves the performance of devices, uses less storage for each app, and updates apps at a faster rate. It also has a VR mode which will work with phones that Daydream-ready and Daydream for virtual reality viewing. The new Vulkan API enables the viewing of immersive 3D graphics in apps throughout the system.



Having the multi-locale feature on allows the user to inform the device what languages they know so that the device does not offer to translate web pages into English or their default language. This feature is woven into the rest of the operating system to ensure that the user does not face any issues with their language preferences.


Battery and Data

The Doze mode, which appeared in the recent versions of Android, now works even better by putting the phone automatically into sleep mode whenever the user puts it in their pocket. This saves a lot of battery life. With the Data Saver feature, the phone limits the number of apps using the cell data services automatically. In this way, the user can save on data bundles.


Device and Migration

This operating system keeps and transfers most of the settings from one device to the next using the feature titled Android Backup.



The split-screen mode allows the user to run two apps at the same time thus improving their productivity. The picture-in-picture mode on Android TV allows the user to browse more videos or change settings while watching a video. By double tapping the Overview button, one can now switch between the two most recently used apps for faster multitasking.


Privacy and Security

The Direct Boot feature ensures that the phone boots faster from a restart to allow notification through even before one enters their password. On some new devices running this operating system, updates to the operating system are carried out in the background while allowing the phone to perform the other tasks. File-based encryption focuses on encrypting individual files and not blocks of files for better security. With scoped folder access, apps will be allowed to access only parts of certain folders than whole apps for even better security. The best security feature so far is that called “Trusted Face” which is simply a fancy name for face recognition to access the phone.



Bundled notifications allow the user to view notifications from specific apps at a glance. The Direct Reply feature skips launching of the message app to reply to a text as one can now reply right from the notification shade. The other neat feature is notification controls where one can press and hold on a notification popup to vary the settings for that app.


System Usability Improvements

With this operating system, one can easily customize the quick settings to reach the settings they want at a faster rate. The improved settings navigation menu makes it easier to find specific settings. When in Overview, users can now clear all the running apps with the ‘clear all’ feature. One can now add emergency information about themselves. Such information includes their name, allergies, blood type and emergency contacts. Starting with this operating system, one can choose different wallpapers for their lockscreen and homescreen. Also, the new operating system comes with suggestions in the settings on how to have the best experience using it.



The new Unicode 9 emoji adds more ways to use emoji during texting and throughout the operating system.


With these features and many more, the technicians at Google have created a compelling operating system that has all the modern features one could need in an operating system. One can only wait to see what uses Android loyalists and power users will put the operating system to.

As the latest release in the mobile operating systems arena, Android Nougat promises to be the sweetest release from this company ever. Already, those who have used it are reporting impressive results.