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The best operating systems on the market right now are Google’s Android 7.0 Nougat, which was just released for their Nexus line, and Apple’s iOS 10 released in September 2016, and these operating system are being compared by users at every move they make.

Android Nougat vs iOS 10: Updates

Google is releasing updates for Android 7.0 Nougat more faster than Apple is doing for their iOS 10, the reason behind this is that Google had already updated their stock apps on their store before releasing the new OS, whilst Apple had to focus on updating their default apps and release main OS updates at the same time.

Android vs iOS 10: Photos

Apple managed to catch up with Android regarding photo features. The new features brought by Apple to the photos department are features like the smartphone’s ability to identify places, people and also objects that are embedded in the picture, it can also identify which of the users pictures have water in them. Using this feature, users can do a quick search for key words like “lake” and the smartphone will know what to look for. Google has had these features for a whole year already, but now both the OS’s are tied in the photo department.

Android vs iOS 10: User interface

Both these companies have a different approach to their aesthetic designs, Google has changed their classic design of their notifications in order to make notifications easier to read while Apple started bringing widgets to their devices home screen. The user can use the 3D Touch sensitivity sensors on any app icon, and the widget for that app will pop-up.

The verdict

The operating systems seem to be in for a close tie regarding performances, and features as well. Though Apple has brought more features to their users, they only did it just so they could be at the same level of features that Android has had for over one year already.

The only main difference in performances are between Apple’s Siri and Google Now, and for that reason Siri will more than likely receive a series of feature updates in the upcoming future.

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