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WhatsApp makes it easy to communicate with family, friends, co-workers and acquaintances for no money at all. However, there’s still room to see improvement, which is what the iOS update for WhatsApp comes in.

Devices that run on iOS 10 will love the latest version of the messaging app, especially if you love to call or chat.

What Are The Latest iOS Update Features For WhatsApp?

Directly Answer Your WhatsApp Calls

You can answer any phone call from your WhatsApp App even from the phone’s lock screen. And, it’s possible via the iOS 10’s CallKit that can handle third-party apps on the platform.

Change Siri Into PA

With the CallKit integration, you can increase Siri’s functionality. Using the WhatsApp app, you let Siri know that you’d like to send a message or call someone. How do you send messages? It’s similar to how the iPhone messaging app using Siri operates. A new window will appear and give you a message preview – you can review it before you send it off.

The feature is Apple’s realization to combine Siri into an array of chat apps. Need a cab? Use Siri to ask for one via the Uber app.

WhatsApp As A Default

You have the ability to set WhatsApp as your go-to app for communication with a particular person in the contact list. It proves ideal if the person uses WhatsApp to reach out to you. Since the iPhone will remember what you want, you don’t have to continually repeat the process.

Access WhatsApp Easily With A Widget

The newest update ensures the iOS device features in the beta format of WhatsApp for Windows can be used with the iOS devices. The widget will allow you to check your unread messages and check out the newest chat threads without the need to open WhatsApp. It decreases the access time and process, so the whole WhatsApp experience is better. It’s one of the finer points of the latest update to WhatsApp iOS 10.