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Niantic made sure it difficult for third-party apps to access their servers. Many of these third-party apps were developed so users could have a tracking system to find Pokémon close to them. Since Niantic has not implemented a working tracking system, its players are desperate for something – anything.

Of course, it appears two third-party apps are flying under the radar, which means players can still use them as they were designed for.


The app is designed solely for Android devices, and in order for it to be used, it must be downloaded and installed. The problem is that players must be logged into the Pokémon Go account to use it. The app shows Pokémon close to players using a Google Map and gives them an estimation of how long they’ll stay there.

On top of that, the map will show players where Gyms and PokeStops are located.


PokeWhere can be used on both the iOS and Android devices, and as similar features as the PokeMesh. It lets users track Pokémon using a Google Map and lets them know how long the Pokémon will remain.

Using these apps and other similar to it could cause Niantic to ban you from game playing. Since the company is constantly updating their servers, it’s possible they may stop working. As it stands, PokeWhere is a bit safer to use, but the risk is still there for any Pokémon Go player who uses a third-party app to “cheat” the game.