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Xiaomi developed the Redmi line for smartphone users on a budget. Motorola, which is now owned by Lenovo, has done the same thing. Of course, it stands to wonder which phone is better. What phone will meet users’ needs as well as their budget?

Both models run on the Android firmware, but the Redmi models using the Android variant known as MIUI; the Note 4 uses version 7 of it. Both devices were released in 2016 – G4 saw a May release; Note 4 saw an August release.

Which Smartphone Is The Best For Your Budget

In order to know what smartphone is right for you, you need to know what each one entails.

Design Specs

When it comes to looks, the Redmi Note 4 isn’t the best out there. It does offer an all-metal design, but it’s nothing compared to what the G4 Plus has to offer – a slim, plastic chassis. And, even though it’s plastic, it looks good, but it won’t garner anyone’s attention when you use it either.

Display Specs

The G4 Plus has a 5.5-inch 1090p display similar to the Moto G4. The differences between them though are the cameras and fingerprint sensor.  Redmi Note 4 has various spaces that you can log into. Each system has a different gesture to be unlocked. It’s similar to have two different phones but in a single device. And, when the Note 4 is hit with direct sunlight, you can still read the screen.

While both have the IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, the G4 Plus’ screen has Corning Gorilla Class 3 protection.

RAM, Graphics Card and Processor Specs

While the G4 Plus is a budget smartphone, it won’t feel like it with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 processor and 2GB of RAM. The Xiaomi has its 10 Core Helio X20 processor. Both of them run quickly and can handle simple tasks.

Storage Specs

Motorola offers various storage capacities for its G4 Plus – 16GB with 2GB of Ram, 32GB with 3GB of RAM and 64GB with 4GB of RAM. It’s also got a microSD slot should you want to increase your storage capacity.

With the Redmi Note 4, you can get 16GB of internal storage with the ability to increase the storage capacity with its microSD slot – up to 256GB.

Camera Specs

The G4 Plus has a 16MP camera with an array of features such as laser focusing and phase detection autofocus. It comes with a Pro mode that allows the tweaking of the white balance and ISO.

The Redmi Note 4 comes with a dual camera. It has a 5MP camera on the front and a 13MP on the back along with autofocus and flashlight features.

Battery Specs

The Note 4 and G4 Plus both have non-removable batteries. However, the Note 4 is 4,100mAh, and the G4 Plus has 3,000mAh. The G4 Plus and Note 4 can recharge quickly, with the G4 Plus juicing up with the Turbo Charger capability that gives it six hours of power in a mere 15 minutes.