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Electronic Arts has been planning to raise the bar when it comes to The Sims, by offering it on the latest gaming consoles – Xbox One and PS4 – sometime fall 2016.

What Speculations Are Being Made About The Sims

The rumor is that EA and Maxis are working together to determine how to turn the game into a console-enable app. There were rumors that The Sims 5 would be seen as the EA Play Event – all speculations, not confirmation.

Reports have been suggesting that The Sims 5 is only going to happen if The Sims 4 can generate enough for it to be produced. That may be why the developers are trying to go with a console-enabled virtual gaming experience – to bring a dream into fruition and increase sales.

Sims Producer Claims No Plans For Console Gaming Experience

It’s been a little more than two years since The Sims 4 was made public. And, its producer Lyndsay Pearson took to Twitter about the console gaming experience, saying there are no plans for it just yet. According to Pearson, the rumors should be ignored as there are no definite plans for it to happen.

This is a bit confusing to some fans since they were told the game would be available on all platforms but delayed for consoles. Still, The Sims 4 has three months left before 2016 is over and the hopes of fans dashed.