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The speed of which the LG devices have gotten the Android Marshmallow update is amazing.  In fact, it was only two months after it released for the first LG smartphone to get the upgrade. Bear in mind that LG is the second company only to Google to attain the Marshmallow since it was carrier-based.

In March 2016, the LG V10 got the update, after the LG G Stylo and LG G3 also received it. If the past is any indication of when the Android 7 Nougat will be seen, the LG G5 will see the upgrade in December 2016. And, the first phone to get Nougat right out of the box is going to be LG V20.

How Can You Find Out If Your LG devices Can Obtain The Latest Firmware

Check to see what your phone’s latest Android version is:

  • Go to Apps from the home screen
  • Visit Settings and hit General Tab
  • From there, visit the About Phone option
  • Hit Software Information

Under Software Version, you will know what Android version your phone is currently installed with.

How To Know If Your LG Phone Is Installed With The Latest Version

  • At the Home Screen, hits Apps and then Settings
  • Visit General Tab and hit About Phone
  • Hit the Software System Updates and hit Check Now to see if you can manually get the device
  • Your phone will see if there’s a new Android update

Your LG phone will also provide you with automatic notifications if there are any for Android 7 Nougat. All you need to do is hit the icon button at the top of the screen to see the status.