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If you hear people talking about WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus and WhatsApp Blue, you probably think there’s no difference in them. Well, you’d be wrong. Each program is different from each other in a big way.

Jan Koum and Brian Action came up with the first WhatsApp application, establishing it in 2009. Facebook gained control over it in 2014. In February 2016, WhatsApp had a more than one billion user base. In June 2016, it hosted over one million voice calls, and that’s because it’s a free service and provided to many countries around the world.

WhatsApp Blue and WhatsApp Plus are modded apps, meaning they’ve been modeled after the original WhatsApp – they’ve got similar functions and capabilities the original has. However, they include features people don’t see with the original WhatsApp program.

Positive and Negative Aspects of WhatsApp

  • The key advantage to using the original WhatsApp is the security it offers. It was one of the biggest concerns Kuom, Acton and the rest of the team had for their users – their online security and privacy. It was, for that reason, they took the steps they needed to keep their users safe. They used end-to-end encryption for messages that were sent through WhatsApp – only the sender and receiver could read those messages.
  • It’s also easy for people to install – either by going to the Google Play Store or the WhatsApp Store to download the program and install it.

Special Note: Of course, the negative point is that you could only use features the developers offer. There’s no way to customize it.

Positive and Negative Aspects of WhatsApp Plus

  • WhatsApp Plus is seen as an improved version to the original WhatsApp app, as it has a multitude of features that WhatsApp doesn’t have. You can customize your app – to a theme you like. You can change the background and colors.
  • You can also alter the file size so that bigger files can be shared with your friends.

Special Note: If you opt for WhatsApp Plus, the possibility of being banned is there since WhatsApp developers can’t guarantee your privacy and safety – something that stays in line with what they offer their users.