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After Square Enix announced it was remaking Final Fantasy 7, things have been quiet. During the E3 2016 event, there was no mention of the remake or even about FF7. And, according to the latest reports, games may not see any big news about the game for 2016 because the developer is committed to FF 15.

When the news was first made public in 2016, it was said the game was in the preliminary development stages and that the developer doesn’t want to build up a lot of hype. According to Square Enix, this could lead to unrealistic expectations, and this is something they want to avoid.

What has been verified is that FF7 will have three parts – each a new segment and will be released at different times. No details were made on how this is going to work and what the story parts will be. This hasn’t stopped fans from making their speculations known.

Since FF7 is a remake, the developers are possibly going to keep with the strategy, evading any significant changes in the remake.

There have been some rumors that note FF7 remake will be available come 2018 with the parts released annually. If true, players could see each segment be loaded with a plethora of content with the potential to expand the storyline.