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Google periodically releases a new version of its Android operating system, meaning that some devices will get an update to their current OS, while others do not, and slowly decay into a state of obsolete. Such may be the case for Galaxy Note 3, a device that has racked up countless waves of praise and admiration, being one of the go-to devices of its generation, further building on the already solid reputation of the Note series.

That might be one of the main reasons for which a lot people are not comfortable giving up their Note 3 devices yet, regardless of the new OS version that would come with a new generation phone.  However, just because they are in love with the Galaxy Note 3 doesn’t mean they are with its OS version as well, no doubt users waiting for the Marshmallow update still.

There are several features that might have caught the eye of Note 3 users, that are only present on Google’s current Android build, such as the Adopted Storage feature, which makes it so that the OS considers the additional memory card storage space as part of the phone’s storage and not a separate, removable one, but also the ability to summon the Google Now feature with just one tap without having to close other apps in the process. Chances for this category of Samsung customers to receive an official Marshmallow update are slim to none however, due to the fact that the company is currently dedicating its time and resources towards sending out the Android 7.0 Nougat to the premier devices of the moment.

The only gleaming right on the horizon for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 users might be Phronesis, a developer that has come up with a custom Android Marshmallow ROM. With his help, the Note 3 fan base could get their long desired update after all.