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When The Pokémon Company and Niantic teamed up to develop Pokémon Go, they never anticipated the kind of enthusiasm it would generate. Of course, they expected, as time went off, that the “joy” people had with Pokémon Go would wane like the enthusiasm for other games. It appears that this time of waning is happening sooner rather than later.

Starting in August, the charts have shown a drop in game players. According to data from SurveyMonkey, SensorTower and Apptopia, there’s been a decline in the number of active users, engagement, time spent using the app and downloads. Several days ago, Pokémon Go broke the 74-day streak in the Apple App store, being replaced by Clash Royale from Supercell.

That doesn’t mean Niantic is giving up on Pokémon Go. In fact, there are rumors that a second generation of Pokémon Go is looming and looming large.

According to the rumors, Pokémon Go Generation 2 will have 100 new pocket monsters and more than 80 new moves. This will allow fans to catch legendary and rare Pokémon. It’s possible that new evolutions will include Onix, Eevee, Golbat, Slowpoke, Gloom and others.

The more interesting issues of the update is in the form of a game mechanic called Baby Pokémon – these are hatched from eggs via Breeding. If it’s an included feature, players can hatch pocket monsters from the eggs and watch them as their born and come out of the shells.

It’s an update that sure to hit the waves soon.