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Boss Update for the Pocket version and Windows 10 was teased at the E3 event, and it was finally released on October 21. It brought two major features: boss fights and Add-Ons, the latter allowing players to edit existing values in the game and make their Minecraft experience as exciting as possible.

The only entities that gamers are allowed to mod are mobs and NPCs, but most likely, the add-on capability will be extended to other values. Robert Gurthrie, writer at Kotaku, had the chance to try a castle attack/defense map which was modded and it contained wolves ridden by attack rabbits and witches, and he had to save a city under attack by aliens.

Gurthrie said that the maps were underwhelming. “Castle Siege was an unplayable confusion of glitching and teleporting mobs that chugged so badly, it threatened to brick both my phone and my tablet. Actually, this is apparently a common occurrence with other players: reports around the web say that the update is very taxing to mobile hardware, to the point of crashing on some older devices.”

As for “Alien Invasion”, Gurthrie appreciated the maps, which are crafted with tons of small details and clever builds, praising in special YouTuber Sethbling, but he admitted that the add-ons still need work.

The only problem with add-ons is that if players want to build a new mob, they must replace an old one. And, for now, even if the add-on system is limited, it still has a lot of potential and players are able to make all kinds of experiments, to create giant chickens, deadly rabbits, exploding sheep and many more. Players can also change the behavior values, to make creatures more or less dangerous.

Minecraft players are able to buy four professionally designed packs from the store, which give them the possibility to change the look of the game, but they can also upload their own resource packs.

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