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There have been several Minecraft updates in the last few months, and for Minecraft players, this is good news. The latest update is version number 1.11, which has an array of features that were seen during the Minecone 2016. That event took place in September.

The latest update offers a new class – llamas – that players can group together if they need a storage solution or defense force. There’s also a new kind of storage container for players to use.

When it comes to treasure maps and cartographer villagers, there’s the cartographer career option librarians can choose to sell the treasure maps, which will show the biome outline. For instance, there are ocean exploration maps for the ocean monument.

The 1.11. update will address many bug problems and is a rather large file. Some of the problems that were addressed include the instances where axes could not disable shields, the creative inventory lab brewing icon was an uncraftable portion, experience bottles creating pink particles, etc.

What’s not known is when the last 1.11 build will be, but there are many people who want to try it out and can do so with the developmental preview. If you want to try them out for yourself, you can go to the website reedit and find the screen name redstonehelper, which has patch notes posted.

Besides changing being made to the Minecraft: Pocket Edition, the Java version is also getting a number of changes.

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