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Back in the month of October 2015, Microsoft has released a device that has come to be known as the  Surface Book, which is a hybrid laptop. The device referred to as the ultimate laptop by its creator comes with an extensive list of features, such as support for the Surface Pen, a detachable screen, the Windows 10 Professional operating system, and of course, Intel’s latest Skylake processor which has a dual core configuration. You can also opt for the premium version which includes a GPU from Nvidia, and costs $1,700, $200 more than the standard version.

With the Surface Book 2, which is a very anticipated device among laptop hybrid enthusiasts and tech savvy consumers alike, the public is hoping that Microsoft will skip the bumpy part of the release that has tainted its predecessors, referring of course with the problems the Surface Book has encountered in regards to the Dynamic Fulcrum Hinge. Also, some improvements on the battery quality of life wouldn’t go unappreciated.

Microsoft has hosted a Windows 10 event on October 26 in which they unveiled a new, upgraded version of their original Surface Book device. Called the Surface Book i7, the upgraded laptop comes with a 16 hour battery life and a performance standard that surpasses the original by the double the amount.

Scheduled for an early 2017 release, the improved Surface Book also brings promises of a Surface Book 2 release somewhere in the same time frame, with the impending new Windows 10 update, as the Surface Book i7 will be paired with the Windows 10 Creators Update.

While nothing official has been announced as of yet, the wait grows shorter each day for the public to receive a proper countdown to Microsoft’s hybrid tablet sequel.