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According to some new reports, Microsoft will most likely NOT release the third version of Band wearable device. We’re pretty sure that not many have expected this, but it seems that the company has some issues with its Band 2 and this might be one of the main reasons why it is canceling the Band 3.

We remind you that previous reports have stated that some prototype images have surfaced on the internet, which seemed to be a Microsoft Band 3 with a new design and some new functionality such as blood pressure tracking, waterproof and more.

According to The Verge, the Microsoft Band 3 was expected to feature a swim tile, which means that users were able to track their swimming sessions along with the blood pressure statistics. However, since the company doesn’t offer any update regarding this device, many are now thinking that Microsoft has decided to just drop out the project. At the same time, there are reports which claim that the company is focusing on the fitness and health related gadgets and it is investing heavily in its research activities.

When it comes to the Band 2 issues, Windows Central says that Microsoft has already unlisted the gadgets from the Microsoft store websites in the US, UK, Australia and Canada. The wearable device is also expected to be removed from Microsoft’s physical stores along with its development kit.

It seems that all the Band 2 devices have been sold, but the company is not planning to restart the manufacturing process. We’re not sure why Microsoft has decided to abstain from releasing the Band 3, but reports are suggesting that this device could have the same problems as the Band 2.

What are your thoughts about the Microsoft Band 2? Do you think that Microsoft will release the Band 3?