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In this review, two of the most anticipated devices of their time period face each other , each representing the brand name. While Microsoft throws its new Surface Book i7 in the ring, Apple counters with the 2016 edition of the MacBook Pro. Let’s take a closer look at the two and see which one takes the cake.

The new Apple laptops come in 15 and 13 inch versions For the 13 inch version, Apple offers an entry model and a superior one with a newly implemented touchbar and features for the Touch ID function used on previous devices. All MacBook variants come with Mac OS X Sierra as their operating system. In comparison, there is only one Surface Book i7 model, and runs Microsoft Windows 10.


The 13 inch version of the MacBook Pro 2016 comes in a smaller package compared to the Surface Book i7, the Microsoft unit being both wider and taller, not to mention denser than the Apple product. In return however, Apple’s 15 inch model is superior in all those categories when compared ot the Surface Book.

The MacBook Pro 2016 features 4 USB ports of the Thunderbolt 3 variety, while the Surface Book i7 features only two USB 3.0 ports.


Although Apple’s devices sport a high quality display, none of the variants coming out in 2016 features display good enough to surpass that of the Surface Book i7, which offers stunning visuals. Also, Microsoft’s laptop effort comes with a battery unit that lasts longer then the MacBook Pro 2016 battery.

The high end displays these machines use are an outlet for the Nvidia GeForce graphics card featured on the SurfaceBook and the Intel Iris 540 chip from the MacBook device. The MacBook Pro also implements Radeon Pro technology.

Taking a look inside, we see Microsoft gearing up their laptop hybrid with a 2.9 GhZ  Core i7 processor chip featuring 4 cores, while Apple provides its laptops with dual core i5 processors, and i7 for the 15 inch model.

Special features

The SurfaceBook i7 has touch screen capabilities and comes with a very responsive stylus pen that complement its tablet alter-ego, functions that lack entirely from the MacBook upgrade. While outclassed in the screen department, Apple picks up some pace with the addition of function keys and a touchpad-equipped key row that has been introduced in a previous iteration of the series.

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