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Both iOS and Android users have the opportunity to use WhatsApp on their devices, and millions of them do. It’s easy to install – using the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store for the app – and use. It’s got an array of features that make it such a worthwhile app that’s been only made better with the voice call option the developer introduced in April 2015.

How To Successfully Install WhatsApp Onto Your Android Device

In order to install WhatsApp onto your Android device, you need some type of connection to the Internet – data or Wi-Fi. Go to the Play Store and search for WhatsApp. After you’ve found it, you need to press the Install button so that it will download and install on your device.

How To Successfully Install WhatsApp Onto Your iOS Device

In order to install WhatsApp onto your iOS device, you need to visit the Apple App Store and proceed with the download and install method as noted in the Android advice.

You can download WhatsApp for other OS’s, and the installation process is similar to the installation of both the Android and iOS devices.

How Can You Make Free WhatsApp App Calls?

  • After you’ve installed the WhatsApp app onto your device, you need to activate it in order to make your free calls via the Internet.
  • Ask a friend who uses WhatsApp to call you.
  • After you’re connected to the app, invite others to install WhatsApp on their device so that they also can make free calls. It’s not uncommon for friends to send invitations to use WhatsApp, even if you’re already using the App.

There are a plethora of premium features you can take advantage of when you buy in the in-app features if you want to make non-Internet calls to cell phones or landline numbers. These charges are often high with other providers, but it’s a relatively cheap service when it involves WhatsApp.

Developers are constantly looking for ways to better the app, and rumors suggest that one feature is the video calling service. The only reason it’s not out yet is the amount of bandwidth it needs. WhatsApp developers are trying to find methods to better the video calls so users will feel they got a good experience out of it.