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Some handset manufacturers have announced that when they release their new devices, it will include the Android 7.0 Nougat. Some manufacturers have said they are currently testing the program on their devices; others said they have completed the beta phased and will roll the upgrade out soon.

Users need to understand that if the devices haven’t been listed on the upgrade list, there’s a remote chance it will happen. The phones that will receive the upgrade include the OnePlus 2 and 3, Sony’s Xperia devices and the HTC A 9, M9 and 10.

According to a OnePlus representative, the team is working on an Android Nougat platform for its OnePlus 3. It’s been alleged the OnePlus 2 will see an upgrade after OnePlus 3 is released. OnePlus X owners won’t be getting the Nougat update due to the incompatibility of its Snapdragon processor and the OS.

HTC is going to release the HTC 10 in November, and since it’s the company’s newest device, it’ll have Nougat already installed. This means other HTC models will need to wait before they get the Nougat update. And, this could be months before it happens.

Sony Xperia devices will slowly see Nougat added to their phones. However, Xperia Z3 has been slated not to receive the Nougat because of an incompatibility with the OS and its Snapdragon processor.

Basically, the majority of the newest handsets, regardless of their manufacturer, will see the Android 7.0 Nougat update.