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GTA Online is known to have problems regarding players that use cheats. Player reports and feedback has been noticed by Rockstar, the company that develops GTA, and they are taking measures against this problem. The main platforms that are going to receive this new ban waves are the Xbox One and Play Station 4.

GTA Online will receive a Halloween themed update and part of this update is going to be the new system that gets triggered when players use game cheats and bans them. This Halloween update also contains the Kill Quota Adversary Mode, and rumors are pointing out that this update contains the data of a new feature that has not yet been announced by Rockstar. Speculations point towards the new car selling feature.

The new ban system will get triggered by players that use game mods, manipulate the game’s data and code or players that abuse the game mechanics. The suspension time that a player receives depends on what rule he is breaking. Bans will vary from one-day bans to permanent bans. Permanent bans will be given out only if the player has more than one strike. When a player will receive a permanent ban he will be cut off from GTA Online for that period of time, and he will only be able to play Story Mode.

When a player will get temporarily banned, his GTA Online data will be deleted, and he will have to start from scratch all over again. This will surely discourage players from trying to use cheat methods while playing GTA Online. The suspensions cannot be appealed, and once they are given out, Rockstar will not retract them.

This is great news for players of GTA 5 Online, because their game experience will not be ruined by over powered cheaters. Also, the new update has been unveiled by Rockstar, and it is expected to roll out this week.