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If it were up to SIMS gamers and enthusiasts, the rumors of the release of “The SIMS 5” will be this year or at least early this year. But up to now, everything remains tentative. There are talks that launching the fifth installment depends on the outcome of “The SIMS 4”, in connection to its expansion while others say that the long-awaited game sequel will not be happening at all.

“City Living” is the expansion of the “The SIMS 4” in which the player will experience modern living in an apartment in the city. Set to be released in November which is a few weeks from now, SIMS 4 City Living is a whole new world, so to speak. That said, expect limited space, more visibility of neighbors and other challenges associated with apartment living. Moreover, be prepared to spend money for this app because this does not come free.

It will be remembered that the fourth installment is purely DLC and no game console version was released because of poor performance. If this expansion will be successful, perhaps, gamers can expect “The SIMS 5” from EA and Maxis, given their history in terms of release dates.

Since “The SIMS” was released in February 2000, there are already four releases. “The SIMS 2” was out in September 2004, “The SIMS 3” in June 2009 and the fourth installment, “The SIMS 4”, was released in September 2014. Based on the release date intervals, if ever there will be a fifth installment, it can be expected by 2019. But then again, nothing is definite.

If “The Sims 5” will be a reality, there is no doubt this will be better than its predecessors as developers are now experimenting with graphics, in terms of complete animation.  Meanwhile, you can read more about “The Sims 5” release date and the new patch with new patch for “The SIMS 4” here.