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It is important to note that Windows phone users can now take advantage of the new features of WhatsApp Messenger. Take note that this a free messaging app that can be used by Windows Phone users as well as other smartphones.

Initially, this app will use the Internet connection of your mobile device so that you will be able to message or call your family or friends. This is a good option to switch from the regular SMS to WhatsApp in order to receive and send messages, photos, calls, documents, videos, and voice messages.

Before you are going to download and install the WhatsApp messenger, take note of some very important considerations. Make sure that your operating system is running Windows 10 mobile or the Windows Phone 8.1 as a minimum and recommended requirement.

Upon downloading the app for Windows Phone, take note about its size and permissions that you need to grant the app. So, it may access contacts from your mobile device or even include important files like photos or videos that you may want to post when creating messages or making calls.

Arguably, the new feature of being able to make and receive calls may have been added via its server. This is because of the app may not require a new update. Likewise, it is not available to all users of WhatsApp. On the other hand, users can take advantage after they have uninstalled the app and reinstalling it. The new features are reportedly available after this option.

For this reason, you can now have two options, namely video and voice calls. If you opt for the video call feature, you will be allowed to modify the rear camera as well as mute the call. At the same time, the new update will enable to view logs if those were made via video or voice calls. Thus, you will then be allowed to initiate on either choice.

If you are using iOS or Android devices, you will have to wait because the current update is only available on Windows phone. You might want to download the APK version of the WhatsApp to test it out.