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You may not have heard of the Tizen operating system before, but if you are closely following the tech scene, you have probably heard that Samsung’s first 4G LTE smartphone Samsung Z2, which was released just a few months ago in India, runs on Tizen.

Android and Samsung have been one of the most successful tech relationships for years, but the latter’s efforts to imposed its own fare on the platform have been met by resistance from Google. This resulted in Samsung developing in its own mobile platform called Tizen, which found its first home in the Z2.

Tizen OS v2.4 vs Android Nougat

Many are wondering if Tizen could ever match Android when even Apple’s iOS has been unable to compete with it, mainly thanks to its license-free apps, but Samsung’s executives are optimistic. The initial trial of the Tizen OS on smartphones received favorable comments from users who noted that there was no significant difference between platform and teh Android. Samsung devices running on Tizen have the same swipe down notification with those running on Android Nougat. Likewise, multitasking and multi-touch gestures are also supported like those on Android. 3D window effects are also provided with apps and games that require 3D graphics.

However, users commented that when it comes to start-up, Tizen starts faster compare to Android. Also, the platform offers improved scrolling and rendering performance for web browsing. Not to mention, Tizen’s dynamic box icons can be resized to show more or less information – a feature users can’t do on Android.

So, the only advantage that Nougat has over Tizen is its access to thousands of free apps, something which Samsung would probably work to address in the near future.

Tizen 3.0 Coming

It has been a while since Tizen got an upgrade but according to PCWorld, Samsung is set to release Tizen 3.0 sometime next year. The upgraded platform is said to be something big and capable of supporting 64-bit processors, like iOS and Android Nougat. It is designed to work on devices with the latest 64-bit RAM and x86 processors.

Reports have it in July next year, Samsung will roll out a beta of Tizen 3.0, with a final release set for September. Samsung devices running on Tizen however will be shipped at a later date.

The upgraded Tizen will be able to work with 4K screens and provide support for Vulkan APIs. It will also come an improve graphics engine, which will be 30% faster than the Tizen 2.4, making it an excellent gaming platform.

Not only that, the platform will be used in Samsung’s smart TVs, wearables and many other consumer electronic devices. Samsung India senior vice president Mohan Rao is optimistic about Tizen 3.0 despite initial failure when the platform was first introduced in 2012. In an interview he was noted as saying that Tizen is a lot ready now and will be able to power smart refrigerators, light bulbs, vacuum cleaners and many other home appliances. The company estimates to ship about 21 billion connected devices in the market by 2020.

In the meantime, clck here and see how the Tizen -supported Z2 fare so far.