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The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 might just be updated to a newer 8.0 and 9.7-inch models. Here are some important updates that should bring good news to fans and soon-to-be followers of the Tab S series.

Release Date

Take note that the launching of the Galaxy Tab S series is made annually. So, it is expected that the S3 will come by July 2016, which should have been ahead of the August 2 announcement of the Note 7. Nevertheless, it didn’t happen and neither did it get unveiled at the IFA September 2016 press conference.

This time, there are hints that the Tab S3 is going to be released in the first quarter of 2017. This happened after the news about the certification made by the FCC regarding the Tab S3. This is normal when the product is going to be released soon.

Spec Updates

According to sources, these tablets will measure around 8.0 for the smaller model, while 9.7 will be for the larger model. Moreover, these are referred to as premium tablets that you can ever buy in the Android world. Thus, the pricing might go a bit higher than expected.

In the hardware section, the camera will be at 8MP for the rear camera, while 2MP for the front-facing shooter. The changing ports of these devices are also expected to be Micro-USB ready rather than a USB-C design.

The battery will be at 4,000mAh for the smaller unit, while the bigger one will be at 5,870mAh. Along with this great update, it will come with fast-charging features that should wow the fans.


Despite the release of Android Nougat ahead of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 release date, Android Marshmallow will be the preferred OS for these mobile units. Of course, it should come with TouchWiz user interface, nonetheless.

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