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There have been reports surfacing on which mobile phones are set to receive Android N. For Samsung phones, it seems its Galaxy S and J Series are in line to get the 7.0 update. The devices that were included in the latter group are the Galaxy J7, Galaxy J7 2016, Galaxy J7 Prime, Galaxy J5, Galaxy J5 2016, Galaxy J3, Galaxy J3 Pro, and Galaxy J2 2016. The Galaxy J2 is not on the list.

However, there has been no official announcement from Samsung yet about which of their units are confirmed to get Nougat 7.0. There have been leaks of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge running on beta versions of the OS, so it may be safe to speculate that both are assured of receiving the update. As for other models under the S Series, it seems they have better chances of getting Android N as they would naturally be next in line to their family members, the S7 and S7 Edge. Also, the carrier T-Mobile released a list of branded devices in August that are in its lineup of getting Nougat. The Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy Note 7, Galaxy S7, and Galaxy S7 Edge were the only units included for Samsung phones.

Sadly, this means that the J series is not in the lineup, or hopefully, it means they are just scheduled for a later date. However, owners of J5 and J7 2015 models should take note that their devices just received the Marshmallow update about two months ago, so getting the Nougat 7.0 upgrade will most likely not happen any time soon. For the meantime, they can enjoy the new features Marshmallow has brought, such as Doze Mode, App Standby, Google Now on Tap, enhanced power saving mode, and an upgraded TouchWiz user interface.

The Samsung Galaxy J5 and J7 phones, particularly the units released in 2016, remain to be a popular choice among smartphone shoppers. The former has a strong market in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, New Zealand, Europe, Latin America, and South Africa. The latter is selling well in the Middle East, Pakistan, Vietnam, and a several other places. Their popularity will hopefully be a boost to their chances of getting the Nougat 7.0 update some time in 2017.