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Since the release of the fourth installment of “The SIMS” in September 2014, there has not been any movement with regards to a console version of the game. While there have been talks and expectations from gamers, until now, they are staring at a blank wall.

Ironically, an expansion of “The SIMS 4” is set to be out in a few weeks with “The City Living”. To top it all, rumors are also circulating on when SIMS enthusiasts will be treated with the fifth installment.

With the poor performance of the current DLC version of the game, the rumored release of “The SIMS 5” is believed to be either on hold or not going to be released at all. According to reports, this will be dependent on how “The SIMS 4” will be performing in the coming months, now that the expansion of the fourth installment will be available soon but for a price.

“The City Living” is not a free app and downloaders should expect to shell out money to enjoy a new level of experience. It lets gamers live in city apartments, entirely different from the SIMS settings they have been used to.

Now that “The City Living” is almost out, will there still be game console release for “The SIMS 4”? It is to be recalled, other iterations have had a console release. But according to SIMS producer, Lyndsay Pearson, they do not have any plans for a console version of this iteration in the future. And with the eyes on the expansion release, gamers who are looking forward to play “The SIMS 4” on PS4 will be disappointed.

However, there are also rumors that they are just waiting for the release of newer game consoles and that there had been problems in porting the games to consoles. On top of that is the attention given to the possibility of the release of the fifth installment of the originally PC-based game.

In the meantime, expect that “The SIMS 4” will not be released on PS4 and Xbox One.