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For Minecraft players who are really into the game, it is crucial to be able to play it even when they are on-the-go. This is where Pocket Edition games, such as the Minecraft Pocket Edition, come to play.

For Android users, what is needed is the Minecraft APK version. An APK or Android Application Package is used by the Android OS for installation and distribution of mobile apps, in this case, Minecraft. That is, it will be possible to have access to new features of the game, including immortality cheats, without having to pass by carriers or if it is not possible to access Google Play Store. One caution, though, is that there are APK services that offer pirated apps.

Two months ago, the Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.15.6 APK for Android became available. And just recently, a cracked mod APK version 0.16.5 for Android was being claimed to have been hacked. While there have been takers who are thankful about this, there are also disappointed Minecraft enthusiasts, saying that the said version was not working.

The latest Minecraft Pocket Edition has many new features, including a change in appearance and behavior of characters. Add-ons are also now included in this version, such as lazer-shooting Elder Guardians, Ocean Monuments and alteration of Minecraft skins.

About a couple of months ago, players were treated with the Minecraft PE 0.15.6 APK version. In this version, it was mostly bugs fixes while the older 0.15.0 version, new features were added such as Realms in which the number of players reaching up to ten can enjoy even in cross-platforms. This also includes support and achievements for Xbox Live, zombie villages and jungle temples.

Minecraft became internationally popular, especially for children, because of the interesting challenges, including building worlds. As for the existence of the latest Minecraft APK MOD 0.16.5 version, these are still claims. One thing to always remember, though, is to be careful in downloading APK versions and to pick reliable websites.

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